On-site service  
We provide of our comprehensive service support, which includes commissioning, training, repair work,
maintenance and service for your benefit at any time, nation wide
Spare Part 
 Our spare parts service will provide nation wide costly and timely effort for ensure of reliability for your
sysytem. We also manage the ordering the spare part in Thailand, and outside Thailand in world wide.
 Maintenance service

Main repairable components

Servo and spindle drive system
Control unit system
          ●     Power supply module         ●     Master board
          ●     Spindle amp module         ●     Power supply unit
          ●     Servo amp module         ●     Memory board

         ●     I/O board
          ●     Display unit (CRT unit)




6 repair stations with powerful tooling


          ●   System i-series
          ●   System 18-C
          ●   System mate i-D
          ●   Machinery with system 0
          ●   With these testers we can be test over 50 rigs of repair components 



Repair Room  

  Support your budget and bring your system running well for production. NKE provides the appropriate
maintenance service at our facility. Our certified engineer will make excellence job includes testing at our facility, all NC system for CNC and robot



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