FA and Robotics Solution

FA and Robotics Solution
One of our core business solution “FA and Robotics”, it is now significantly expanding the business volume because our account increase demand for accuracy and efficiency of production. There is more to come in Thailand for replacement from manual operation to automated (Robotics) operation.

Our team for “FA and Robotics” is providing excellence service for the full turnkey solution in day by day, and manager of this team is most intelligence person who is convinced achieve all deliverables. And principal engineer (and sales) also is supporting the business for the robotics solution based on his 30 years’ experience.


 ●   Flywheel assembly system

 ●   Robotics Auto Inspection system

 ●   Injection molding cutting for the gate and runner

 ●   Spot Welding for electrical consumers product

●   Sealing for the engine block

●   Measuring station

●   Bar code sticker and soating system

●   ARC welding cell (Compressor cover)

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